About Us

Modernist Cocktail Club creates cocktail mixers from the high quality and fresh ingredients. Bringing contemporary, creative cocktail experiences from the West Coast to you. 

We hope to deliver award-winning cocktails to you through cocktail mixers, allowing you to choose your own adventure by pairing with your favorite spirits. Notable cocktails include Beauty in the Smoke Filled Glass, featured in Elle Decor's 2016 Best Cocktails in San Francisco, and a fan favorite A5 Sazerac Cocktail, created with bourbon, cabernet, and hints of truffle oil. 

Meet the mixologist - Carlo Splendorini

Carlo has been named SF Chronicle Bar Star and Bartender of the Year World Champion in St. Martin. In addition, he has received first prize in the Original Moonshine Cocktail Competition, the Nolet Gin Cocktail Competition, the Espolon Margarita Brawl, and former Bar Director at Mina Group. Needless to say, he knows how to make drink.

Modernist, more “Cheers” than chichi

A core venture within the Modernist brand is, Modernist Social Club, a community of friends and 'good people'.

“[The founders] and I get along because we’re both in the people business,” Jaber says. “People think Philz is a coffee business, but it’s really about the people. Albert and Steve created an interesting community: Like attracts like, and everyone I’ve met here I like. There’s a diversity of intentions among the members — some want to network, some want to meet friends.” - Philz Coffee CEO Jacob Jaber (SF Chronicle)

Learn more about the Modernist Social Club at Modernist.club.