Q: Does the mixer bottle have alcohol in it?

A: There is no alcohol in the mixer bottles. The mixers contain everything you need except for ice and alcohol (or non-alcoholic mixer). Please see the mixing instructions below.

Q: How do I store the mixers?

A: Please refrigerate the mixers immediately upon receiving them.

Q: What is the expiration date? 

A: Please refer to expiration date on label. Cocktail mixers are freshly made, so they are perishable goods and must be refrigerated.



*Your order will come with recipe and mixing instruction cards for both collections

For Old Fashioned Collection

  • 1 part elixir to 4 parts spirit or non-alcoholic base of your choice
  • Each bottle is 8oz
  • One mixer bottle makes 6-8 cocktails

For Signature Tea Collection

  • 2 part elixir to 1 parts spirit or non-alcoholic base of your choice
  • Each bottle is 16oz
  • One mixer bottle makes 4-5 cocktails


Q: Nationwide delivery - How does shipping work?

A: We ship UPS Ground. It will typically take 1-2 days in California and 2-3 days for most of the United States.

Q: When should I expect to receive my order?

A: Cocktail mixers are shipped within 1-2 business days once order is received. Shipping timeline will depend on the shipping rate you choose.

*Please note, UPS is experiencing occasional delays. You can track your package with tracking link. If you have any questions before placing an order, you can reach out to us via contact form.

Q: Do you offer same-day delivery?

A: We offer same-day delivery in San Francisco, through TOCK or Postmates. Please check on the apps to see if your receiving address is eligible for same-day delivery.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: Yes. For pick up orders, please place your order through TOCK or Postmates. Pick up available Monday - Friday 11am - 8pm, Saturday 1pm - 8pm. Please check the apps for the most up to date hours.

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We currently ship to 48 contiguous states in the USA.



Q: Do you have corporate and wholesale sales?

A: Yes! You can get in touch with us via contact form for more details on customization and discounts available.



Q: If I’m a member of Modernist Social Club, can I use my tab?

A: Yes! You can use your tab for orders directly placed on through this webpage. Please use the email you have on file with Modernist. Use the promo code provided to you in the member newsletter to deduct from your member tab. If you need the code, you can email concierge@modernist.club. Once we’ve received your order, verified your member status and tab balance, your order will be shipped.

Q: As a member of Modernist Social Club, how will I be billed?

A: You will be charged a $15 shipping fee for the transaction on this webpage. The purchase amount, service fee, SF mandate and tax will be charged to your member account (with your credit card on file) as a standard club transaction. You will receive a Modernist receipt from billing@modernist.club.  If you have any questions, concierge@modernist.club is available to assist.

Q: As a member, can I order with my tab and send it to a friend/family as a gift?

A: Absolutely. Please use your name, email, and member promo code to place the order. In the Shipping step, enter in your friend/family’s receiving information. The charges will be deducted on your member account.